Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Gryphons start signings with local talents

Gryphons start signings with local talents

Gryphons sign local London players for inaugural 05 season. Natalie D'oria and Meaghan Robinson were the first to sign and bring a strong soccer passion to the first season
of The London Gryphons. "Natalie is a dynamic midfield player with an attacking
flair," said Head coach Paul D'Hollander "Her speed and tireless work ethic
make her a valuable attacking influence in the game. She has the ability to
play centrally as well as wide, she creates scoring opportunities for the forwards,
and she is very dangerous in the attack with her one-on-one ability." Meaghan
Robinson the other gifted athlete with an intense desire to succeed," said
D'Hollander."She adds incredible speed and physical play to our lineup. She
can play both centrally and wide. She has the ability to join the attack with
overlapping runs and can serve a dangerous ball into the attack."


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