Monday, February 07, 2005

Gryphons unveil club nights program

Club Nights at Gryphons
Home Games Bring your club to
a 2005 GRYPHONS Game!

The London Gryphons are proud to promote youth soccer
in the Southwestern Ontario. For this reason, we offer great incentives to
get your soccer club to a Gryphons game. Your entire soccer club is in for
an exciting day at North London Stadium Field where, in addition to watching
a fantastic game, they’ll be able to participate in fun activities.
Pre-game Youth Matches in North London Stadium Field
Your club’s teams can have matches right on the field! The kids will never
forget it!
Youth Escorts for Gryphons and Visiting Team Players
As the starting lineups are announced, each youth player runs onto the field
with a Gryphon or visiting player and remains on the field with the teams for
the playing of the national anthem.
Youth Ball Managers Line the Field Perimeter
Your teams can take turns lining the field to “stand guard” to collect soccer
balls kicked out of play.
Recognition in PA Announcements
Hear your soccer club’s name in the Stadium! Have your club listed on the
program guide.
To qualify for this great event for your club, you only
need to purchase a minimum of 75 tickets to reserve your date with the Gryphons.You
may use your tickets for players as well as their families and friends.
Tickets are just $3 each—a savings of $2 per ticket! For all of their hard
work, club night organizers receive two Reserved Season passes at North London
Stadium Field.
Club Nights – Min 75 tickets $250 needed to secure date
Escorts, ball managers
half time game on field (age restrictions)
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