Sunday, December 21, 2003

Victor Zurawski Joins WOSL Hall of Fame

Vic Zurawski arrived in London in 1960. Vic
played with Croatia for 4 years in the early 60's
and in those days, they had every nationality
playing for them, He also played for the Dutch
Viscounts, the Dutch Lions and with the German
Canadian Soccer teams.
The Polish Hall was established in London in
1923. A new hall was built on the site in 1954.
In 1967 the White Eagles Soccer team was founded
and the Polish Hall was the major sponsor of the
team. Vic was a member of the executive at this
In 1976 the Polish Hall bought the field at
Nilestown where they once held the stock car
races. It was renamed the Polish-Canadian
Recreational Centre. In 1977 the dressing rooms
were built and the field was ready. In 1988
Victor worked with the Polish Church to sponsor
players and families from Europe to come to
London. He became president in 1991 and held the
position for 5 years
He took the referee course and this gave him an
opportunity know the players in his next soccer
accomplishment. In 1995 He became an executive on
the Western Ontario Soccer League council and
held the position of All-Star Director.
To-day, Vic enjoys working with the youth at his
club. Since they have 2 teams in the Western
Ontario Soccer League, it's apparent that he is
still keeping busy in soccer. We feel that Vic
for his outstanding work in the field of soccer
is very deserving of one of the first Soccer Hall
of Fame awards.


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