Sunday, December 21, 2003

Markus (Max) Gauss Joins WOSL Hall of Fame

Mr. Markus (better known as Max) Gauss arrived in
Canada from Germany in 1958. He immediately
involved himself in soccer by acting as General
manager as well as coach of the German Canadian
Soccer team in 1960. This is where he learned to
speak the English language. He was an executive
with the team in 1961, 1962 and 1963. He was
coach of the German Canadians in 1964 when they
won the Division 2 championship.
Also in 1964 he coached the German Canadian team
in the International World Cup in London. This
tournament was played at the end of the regular
season. All players on the teams, which were
mostly ethnic at this time, had to be born in the
country for which they played. Due to the number
of fights that broke out between teams, this
specific cup had to be abandoned.
In 1969, Max , under the German Canadian Club,
brought professional soccer to London. Because of
this, we were able to watch International teams
in London. In 1973 he founded the London City
Soccer Club. Although London City is associated
now with the CPSL they also had a team entered in
the WOSL for a number of years.
Anyone who has stood beside Max at the fence at
Cove Rd.field knows that he has a practical grasp
of soccer and how the game should be played.
Because of his many soccer achievements it is an
honour to present Mr. Markus Gauss with one of
our first soccer hall of fame trophies.


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