Sunday, September 23, 2001

CPSL on Sportsnet

CPSL on Sportsnet -- News Sep 23
by M@

Anyone else catch the CPSL summary program today? 1:30 on Sportsnet. Never caught this before so I was very interested. Is this on every week? Incidentally the digital program guide had "CSPL", not "CPSL". Duh.

So anyhow they gave some word on some up-and-comers from the CPSL. There were a couple of things I haven't seen posted here, and looking back over the last couple of days here there haven't been any mention of them.

First is Marco Casalnuovo. A few posts ago someone mentioned that the tryout with AS Roma fell through; apparently never say die, as he's on tryout right now or very soon with AC Milan.

Second is a name I haven't caught before, Tyler Hemming (hope I've got that right) from London City. This 16-year-old defender has just finished a tryout with Grimsby Town of Div 1 and they've signed him, and arranged for a scholarship for him in England. Which is great stuff to be sure. They had footage of him hitting a great header off a corner in one of last week's games. Obviously a lot of promise in this kid if Grimsby has signed him.

Anyhow, sorry if this is all common knowledge but I haven't seen anything on it to date. Always good to hear about our boys getting some success in Europe.

Allez les Rouges,

PS. No word on whether either of these two guys is a Bolton fan. But I'm assuming for the moment that they'll come home if and when they're called.


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